Saturday, January 30, 2010

5 Months Pics

I'm BAAAAACCK!! 5 Months is oh so sweet!!

I've been away too long and I miss my sisterlock sisters :)! While I was away I've started me two businesses (Yes I said two!!) and have been getting things situated with both businesses! I'm a proud owner of my own Mary Kay Business (YEEAAAHH!!) and I'm a proud freelance owner of my own event planning business!! Yes, I'm certified for that! If you want a complimentary facial and/or is planning a wedding, birthday, anniversary.... Or any type of event please call me at 773-814-2416.

I just want to say a happy belated New Years to all!! 2010 has brought to life a world of endless possibilities and I'm so excited to see where God will take me this year!

Now, about my hair.... It is longer and stronger and it is actually locking in the back. I'm so excited, I'm almost at 6 months WOW!!! I remember some months ago when I first got locked! People are really starting to compliment my hair more! Saying it looks so full and pretty :). The crazy scalp itching has ceased since I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar on my scalp (before washing my hair).

In the last 2 -3 months the only styling methods I've been using is bantu knots and braid outs. I LOVE the Batu knot method I have head full of curly locs and I get SO MANY compliments from this hair do.

My tightening session hasn't been as long so I'm happy about that. This pass month I've had a bit of a hair growth spurt so I'm afraid to see how long my retightening session is going to take.

I think I will be qualified to take the retightening class soon!! But, since my hair isn't fully locked all over I wonder if I will be able too! I probably wait to I make a full year to make that decision.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sassier, Classier locks at 3 Months

**I apologize this posting is a little late!! It was originally suppose to be posted on 11/29/09 not 12/7/09!)

Yesterday I went for my retightening and my loctician Tonya told me my locks are doing great. However, she told me not to go overboard with spritzing my hair with water because I was getting holes in my locs. She also told me to make sure to braid and band my hair to the end to prevent this from happening again. My retightening session lasted 5 1/2hours but I was only charged for 4 due to her stopping to tend to her kids!

Today my locks are at it's 3 months mark and I'm loving them more than ever!! I have more length, and I'm able to achieve more styles with my locks. If my hair looks like this at 3 months I can't wait to see what 6 months have in store!

Here is a comparison pic from Week 1

Here is a pic of my hair now!

(I do admit I'm obsessed with my black tiara but, it is hard for me to find more of these without the comb inside!) I promise by the new year I will lay this tiara to rest and accessorize more!!

(Hair still very curly in texture but some in the back are starting to lock!! Yeaaaaaah!!)

Huge Difference from week 1 to 3 months : ) !

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's up with the Sisterlock headquarters?

Like many SL wearers - I love my Sisterlocks! I consider myself to be a advocate and the poster child for Sisterlock love & education. I hope one day I get to meet the lovely and encouraging Dr. Cornwell in person, to thank her for creating such a liberating method of locs. However, ( I'm going to say this but I mean no disrespect to the Sisterlock company) I really think Dr. Cornwell need to hire her a more efficient staff.

First Incident (before I got the SL's) I called the headquarters super excited to ask a question about a particular loc technician who worked in a beauty salon. There's a disclaimer on the SL website encouraging all potential clients to check with the headquarters first, to make sure that the SL technincan is legit. This is what I was doing. The lady I spoke to had a smirky attitude with me. She informed me that currently there is no shops that offer SL's only individual locticians. She did say that some locticians may work in a salon and offer the services. But, It was how she said it! On top of that, she rushed me off the phone!! So much for customer Service! To say the least, I was kind of discouraged after that call to get SL's. I thought the headquarters would be more warm and welcoming and delighted to answer my questions... It was a rude awakening!

Second Incident This incident happen last week-- I got a call from the SL headquarters one night on my way home from work. The lady over the phone told me that my SL Anniversary card was returned back to them because they put the wrong address on it. I gave them the correct address along with my name and loctician name for verification. The lady proceeds to tell me that she called my loctician and my loctician said she don't know who I am!!! WHAT!!!
The lady was like, are you sure you got your hair done with a SL technician and was drilling me with question about when and where I got them done ...

I was a little upset, because I felt the lady was inadvertly calling me a liar! So, when I got off with her I called My loctician right away. She told me that the lady from the Headquarters never called her!! That she probably called someone else thinking it was her. My loctician said it isn't the first time they messed up like this. She proceeded to tell me of other incidents that they messed her over with. I was shocked and suprise!! It just confirmed that they are disorganized and need to improve their system!

Other than that, Here's my Anniversary card that I finally got after waiting 3 months!! But at least I GOT IT!! WOO HOO!!

Here are some 2 1/2 month hair pics of my progress -- Every month just keeps getting better!:

I tried to change poses on this last pic but, the camera caught me with my mouth open LOL!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bantu knot & Twist out style

I just got my second retightening and was eager to try a little style with my hair. I love freestyle but I needed a little change

This is my hair before I twisted t.

I decided to do a two strand twist and bantu knots to see what I can create. This is what came of my little experiment:

This was my first attempt. Not too Bad.... I got a lot of compliments once I spruced it up a bit! I'm looking forward to trying this look again soon!

My second month being locked is by far more exciting than the first month. I'm very excited about the months ahead. Finally... I think the long awaited fun is about to begin with my hair :)

Sisterlocks ROCKS!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dreaded Flu and other hot topics

This week everything seem to be placed on whole due to me having the flu! I wasn't able to go jogging, exercise or anything! This was a HUGE BUMMER for me! I did manage to eat plenty of veggies and fruit to keep my strength up. I'm looking forward to getting better and falling back into place with my fitness routines.

Weight Report: I now can fit into a size 14 jeans a little better now.I have on skinny jeans today which has boost my confidence a little!! I still wear a size 14-16 depending on what jean company I'm wearing. Slowly and surely I'm inching into a size 14 jeans. As for my midsection--I'm a 40 D in the chest. I'm happy to say, I now can fasten my bra to the last buckle to make it tighter. Meaning If I keep losing weight in my midsection I will be going down to Cup size of "C"! YEEAAAAH! Besides C is my true size... Any way, maybe this is TMI but I'm so ecstatic that I had to share the good news!

Hair News: I finally stopped whining about my hair and bought me some witch hazel for the scalp itch! I thank all of whom recommended it... It works like a charm! I put the witch hazel in a small spray bottle and lug it around in my purse! I love it stop the itch right in its tracks. God bless Witch hazel lol!! Some of the ends of my hair that is tightly coiled is starting to look and feel a bit stiff. Meaning that it's slowly proceeding to its budding stage. I try not to stretch my hair as much but I love to feel the shaft of my hair( Yes I got the hand in hair- ites). I'm really trying to break that habit, I know how important it is just to let my hair be.

I decided to hold off on experimenting with curl styles... I still feel like I want to wait until I see more length. Plus a fellow sisterlock sister of mine told me too much manipulation with my hair (in her opinion) can disturb the locking process. I like to style my hair but, I will be very cautious with curling my hair for now. When my loctician tells me it is fully locked than I will start to curl it!

That is my progress for now!! By the way my next retightening is coming in a couple of weeks and I'm super excited!! I think I want to talk to her about scents I can wear in my hair to keep it smelling fresh ( even on the sweaty fitness days). Have a Blessed Week everyone!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toughest 2 weeks yet!

Ok, so this is the week I hit the pavement on behalf of my Agency The Children's place Association. I'm excited but nervous all the same. I trained but not as hard as I should. To be truthfully honest I slacked off the last 2 weeks so I don't know how I will do Saturday LOL! I haven't been as motivated due to the change of weather and lack of support and motivation. My goal was to drop at least 15 pounds by Saturday. But, I think I may have only dropped 5 pounds if that. I haven't weighed in yet, but not much has changed with my weight.

I went for a jog slash run yesterday night but, I feel the two weeks of slacking off showed in my performance. My husband is a lot heavier than me and he killed it last night! He totally kick my butt on the track. That made me realize that I need to continue to train even after the event is over.

I've been really bad the last 2 weeks, I ate greasy foods and loaded up on unhealthy snacks. I had to stop myself because I felt myself going back into my old habits. So, now, it is really time for me to step up my game and get back on track! I can say, that my husband thinks my legs is looking more shapier and my waist a lot smaller so that gives me hope.

I wish like hell, I can go on the Biggest Loser or a show like Dance your ass off! That's the kind of kick in the butt I need to shed this weight! I'm not morbidly obese or anything but, I feel this is the only way I can really do it if I have someone motivating me and pushing me.My husband supports me, but not the kind of support I need! I need my own Jillian Michaels in my life :) .... But not as intense as she LOL!!

I will push myself to run this week leading up to the event just to get my endurance back up! This is only the beginning everyone! Big changes is on the way!!

Here's is a video link of my company and the clients I'm doing this for Enjoy!!: